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Hospitality Advisory

Our industry knowledge and resources enable us to provide the right services to innovative food & beverage concepts as well as world-class hotels.

Pre-Opening & Operational Assistance

Our experts work thoroughly to establish a successful operation from start to finish. Whether you need a comprehensive operations manual, human resources management or operational audits and analyses, E will provide you with all the essentials for a smoother workflow and successful workforce.

Food Safety Programs

Our team works with you to ensure the production, preparation, packaging, storage, handling and transport of food complies with international and national standards and regulations. Based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, our food safety programs and audits systematically identify and control potential risks.

Menu Development

Our experience and knowledge of the food industry enables us to provide customized menu designs, recommendations and cost evaluations for more profitable restaurant operations.

Guest Experience Audits

With the goal of providing your guests with the best and most unique experience, our analysts will rigorously evaluate your product offerings and conduct mystery guest audits. Data will then be compiled in a detailed report to provide you with valuable insights related to your offerings.

Inventory & Cost Control

E works closely with you to implement an array of internal controls to make sure your establishment is performing at its peak. This enables us to perform random cash spot-checks, better manage your inventory, and ultimately control your costs.

Marketing & Competitor Analyses

To improve your profit margins and your status in the market, we conduct comprehensive reviews to assess your performance relative to costs, revenues and your competitors.


Our franchising expertise allows us to coordinate a mutually rewarding relationship between both franchisor and franchisee, create a favorable franchise package and assist franchisees in acquiring their chosen franchises.

Compliance & Permitting

With our practical solutions, expedited processes, and extensive legal knowledge, we ensure your project complies with local rules and regulations while obtaining all licenses and permits required by local authorities.