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Development Advisory

Our Team of consultants, architects and designers, provide customized solutions from concept to completion.

Concept Creation

We help develop successful and exclusive concepts based on in-depth market research and feasibility studies. This includes technical, architectural and design support for new and existing projects.

Costing and Appraisals

As financial advisors to the hospitality industry, E continuously delivers optimum value based on your budget. We implement strategic cost-cutting plans as well as efficient use of funds, in addition to comprehensive market appraisals for pre-sale, exit planning, partnerships and private sales.

Site Selection and Purchase

Because location is a key factor in the hospitality business, we help you develop specific site criteria, locate suitable sites, negotiate a favorable lease, in addition to purchase the property through due diligence.

Turnkey Projects

Managing all processes from design to construction to handover, E delivers finalized projects that are fully operable and valuable to its owners.

Owner Representation

Our owner representatives provide plenty of services including contract negotiation and operator search and selection in order to protect your interests and meet your project objectives.