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Hospitality is our business

E Hospitality Consultants provides you with a team of hospitality specialists with world-class experience in developing, launching and operating restaurants and hotels across the region.
As a part of the ERGA Architects and Consulting Group, E’s 50 years of combined hospitality experience has helped launch over 3,000 projects and concepts in more than 20 countries. Powered by a team of 800 experts, E helps international & local brands operate, market and grow in the Middle East and beyond.

We serve you so you can serve the world

E works with clients to provide unforgettable experiences and create favorite destinations. Through hospitality, development advisory, project management and energy services, we help transform any type of space in to an extraordinary place..

Hospitality Advisory

Our industry knowledge and resources enable us to provide the right services to innovative food & beverage concepts as well as world-class hotels.

Pre-Opening & Operational Assistance

Our experts work thoroughly to establish a successful operation from start to finish. Whether you need a comprehensive operations manual, human resources management or operational audits and analyses, E will provide you with all the essentials for a smoother workflow and successful workforce.

Food Safety Programs

Our team works with you to ensure the production, preparation, packaging, storage, handling and transport of food complies with international and national standards and regulations. Based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, our food safety programs and audits systematically identify and control potential risks.

Menu Development

Our experience and knowledge of the food industry enables us to provide customized menu designs, recommendations and cost evaluations for more profitable restaurant operations.

Guest Experience Audits

With the goal of providing your guests with the best and most unique experience, our analysts will rigorously evaluate your product offerings and conduct mystery guest audits. Data will then be compiled in a detailed report to provide you with valuable insights related to your offerings.

Inventory & Cost Control

E works closely with you to implement an array of internal controls to make sure your establishment is performing at its peak. This enables us to perform random cash spot-checks, better manage your inventory, and ultimately control your costs.

Marketing & Competitor Analyses

To improve your profit margins and your status in the market, we conduct comprehensive reviews to assess your performance relative to costs, revenues and your competitors.


Our franchising expertise allows us to coordinate a mutually rewarding relationship between both franchisor and franchisee, create a favorable franchise package and assist franchisees in acquiring their chosen franchises.

Compliance & Permitting

With our practical solutions, expedited processes, and extensive legal knowledge, we ensure your project complies with local rules and regulations while obtaining all licenses and permits required by local authorities.

Development Advisory

Our Team of consultants, architects and designers, provide customized solutions from concept to completion.

Concept Creation

We help develop successful and exclusive concepts based on in-depth market research and feasibility studies. This includes technical, architectural and design support for new and existing projects.

Costing and Appraisals

As financial advisors to the hospitality industry, E continuously delivers optimum value based on your budget. We implement strategic cost-cutting plans as well as efficient use of funds, in addition to comprehensive market appraisals for pre-sale, exit planning, partnerships and private sales.

Site Selection and Purchase

Because location is a key factor in the hospitality business, we help you develop specific site criteria, locate suitable sites, negotiate a favorable lease, in addition to purchase the property through due diligence.

Turnkey Projects

Managing all processes from design to construction to handover, E delivers finalized projects that are fully operable and valuable to its owners.

Owner Representation

Our owner representatives provide plenty of services including contract negotiation and operator search and selection in order to protect your interests and meet your project objectives.

Project Management

We provide skilled and hands-on involvement in the management of all phases of your project in order to protect your interest at all times.

Brief and Design Plans

Our team will work closely with you to develop a brief and master plan based on site appraisals and feasibility studies. This includes preliminary planning in addition to interior designs and room layouts.

Area Program

As a detailed planning tool for architects and interior designers, this program specifies all facilities and services available at your property. It includes a list of all components with the minimum area required for each.

Project Supervision

Using a collaborative approach, our team of supervisors tracks project milestones, establishes critical path plans, coordinates regular meetings, sends relevant reports and fulfills any necessary task that meets your criteria and objectives.

Equipment and Construction

Based on the concept statement and your operational objectives, we supervise the allocation of equipment, fittings and fixtures and we check that all contractors are adhering to a punch list and Critical path.

Reports and Reviews

For a smoother and more productive workflow, our consultants organize meetings, prepare reports and monitor progress in periodic reviews. Whether you need to resolve problems on-site or revise specifications or require a construction progress report, we coordinate with the relevant teams to provide and action the right solutions.

Tenders and Contracts

During the design and construction of the project, we prepare and manage tenders in addition to negotiating purchase contracts. We also assist in the procurement of FF&E and OS&E, and design tailor-made products.

Energy Management

Our integrated energy management solutions help you cut costs and achieve your sustainability goals to create the most comfortable and environmentally friendly experience for your guests.

Energy Audits

To evaluate your property’s energy consumption, we interview facility managers, review utility bills and identify energy waste or inefficiency to ultimately provide you with energy conservation measures.

Retro commissioning

Periodic monitoring of your property allows us to determine whether your systems are operating at efficient levels.

Green Certifications

To support your goal of achieving the green certificate, we integrate our engineering services to help you reduce your consumption.


We pinpoint and solve energy-related problems at your property including but not limited to energy leaks, poor indoor air quality and fluctuating temperatures.

Preventative Maintenance Planning

To reduce your maintenance expenses, we help you design and implement a preventative strategy that will also improve your property’s overall reliability and efficiency.

Our Team

Driven by unmatched experience and passion for innovation, our team of 800 specialists guarantee your hospitality venture starts and operates at its best.

Elio Gebrayel

Elio Gebrayel

Managing Director

Elio a graduate of Heriot-Watt University – UK is The son of a prominent hotelier, Elio was raised in hotels and learned everything about the hospitality business at an early age. Using his expertise in Erga he has delivered prominent Hospitality projects in the region, and he established the Hospitality Consultancy subsidiary in 2011.

Jennifer Gabriel

Jennifer Gabriel

Head of Interior


Sherill Compuesto

Sherill Compuesto

Procurement Officer


Elie Gebrayel

Elie Gebrayel

Group Chairman

Elie, a graduate of National School of Fine Arts - Paris has founded and led ERGA Group since 1980 to become one of today’s leading architectural and multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy firms in the Middle East and North Africa. With a portfolio of more than 300 projects in more than 20 countries, Elie Gebrayel is hailed today as a pioneer in the region’s architectural field.

Lama Matta

Lama Matta

Hospitality Consultant

Lama a graduate in Hospitality Management from Les Roches Switzerland is certified in franchising consultancy in the MENA region, Lama also has extensive experience in creating, launching and managing some of the region’s most reputable food and beverage brands.

Alia Omare

Alia Omare

Business Development Officer


We partner with the world’s favorite brands

As part of ERGA Group, one of the leading engineering and consulting firms in the region, E has worked with internationally renowned brands and original concepts in the hotel, restaurant, resort & leisure industries.